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That's right, folks, now YOU can be the new poster child of Topsy Turvy! Alright, well maybe not exactly, but this'll get you near enough to that status. A small replication of the ladies current performance banner, a home brewed illustrative creation by Lilystrations that combines the art nouveau styles of Alphonse Mucha with some flavors from the golden age of circus. 


Printed on high quality card stock and protected by an archival plastic sleeve until it arrives safely in its new abode, this 11" x 17" poster will spice up any domicile that it graces. All prints come with the Lilystrations signature, and you have the option of having Lily and Amanda sign it on the front, the back, or *GASP* no signature from the ladies.


  • 11" x 17" poster printed on high quality card stock, and shipped in an archival plastic sleeve for protection. 

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